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Diary Dates

Future events - the next few months . . .


Monday 10th July

The 2nd meeting of the Mid-Somerset Amateur Radio Club at its new venue the 1st Shepton Scout Hall in Old Wells Road Shepton Mallet next to the football ground at 19.35. A temporary antenna erected and a test made to assess the radio reception conditions of the venue. All welcome. Don't arrive before 19.30 as there's another group using the hall until then. Also, if the access road gates are shut, please wait for a member of the committee to arrive to open them


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Diary Dates

The Club's regular meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 19.30 and unless stated otherwise, at our QTH of Peter Street Rooms, Shepton Mallet. Click here for more information about the venue and where to park.


Your ideas (from members and non-members) are most welcome on what you would like to see in our Club and how you and every-one else may consequently benefit

On Air Activities in 2017 . . .

Watch this space

Future Meetings in 2017 . . .

Monday July 10th 2017

The 2nd meeting of the Mid-Somerset Amateur Radio Club at its new venue the 1st Shepton Scout Hall in Old Wells Road Shepton Mallet next to the football ground at 19.35. A temporary antenna erected and a test made to assess the radio reception conditions of the venue. All welcome. Don't arrive before 19.30 as there's another group using the hall until then. Also, if the access road gates are shut, please wait for a member of the committee to arrive to open them

Previous meetings . . .

June 2017

Our first meeting at the new Club venue: The Scout Hall, Old Wells Road, Shepton Mallet BA4 5XN at 19.30. General natter and introductioin to the new meeting space!


April 2017

Graham Kimbell presented a talk on propagation, and a related item from TX Factor episode13 was showed


March 2017

David G8BFV and Mike G3ZLQ will talk on getting started on 10GHz. They will discuss wideband FM using Gunnplexers and narrowband using linear transverters. Equipment will be shown and if possible, demonstrated


February 2017

Graham G3TCT will give a talk on the 23cm beacon GB3USK. In this talk with slides, Graham will describe the beacon's solar power system, and will bring along a new signal source for the beacon using a Direct Digital Synthesiser and an Arduino processor


January 2017

A bring and buy winter sale and natter evening


December 2016

Unfortunately, our talk on the Somerset Coal Canal, combined with the Somerset and Bristol Area Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Support Group didn't happen, so a natter night ensued!



Dave G3ZXX talked about and demonstrated a magnetic loop antenn.


October 2016

AGM plus TX Factor episode 12


September 2016

Shaun G8VPG gave a talk on recent developments in Amateur Digital TV


August 2016

On air activity evening from the new shack and natter night


July 2016

The club enjoyed a talk by Dan and David on Software Defined Radio and particularly the radio to computer interface


June 2016

On Air from the new shack - a chance to try out differen antenna configurations


May 2016

Photography and collecting vintage cameras by Jeff M0PRF


April 2016

Planning for International Marconi Day special-event station and Mills on the Air, plus further planning for the shack, particularly focusing on antennas


March 2016

Decorating the new shack and completing preparations for the GB4BSC special-event station


February 2016

Club member and co-presenter of TX Factor, Nick Bennett showed us episode 8 of the programme and gave an update on the TX Factor project


January 2016

Update on the Winter Construction Project - saw the results and compared build notes


December 2015

Christmas Dinner and Social Evening at Rodney Stoke Inn


November 2015

Winter Construction Project Planning


October 2015



June 2015

Club member David G8BFV gave a talk on the Voyager Spacecraft entitled Signals from Interstellar Space


May 2015

Club member Graham G3TCT presented the RSGB video on Propagation and answered questions


April 2015

Colin G3YHV gave a talk on The History of Valves


February 2014

Ian G3KZR talked on his adventures with one watt (or less) - a history of involvement with QRP activities since the early days of transistors


February 2014

Ops Night with bring and buy


January 2014

Club Christmas dinner at Blostin's Restaurant in Shepton Mallet


November 2014

Nick Bennett gave a preview of TX Factor episode 6 - filmed at this year's Hamfest 2014


October 2014



September 2014

Club member Nick Bennett 2E0FGQ was our speaker and gave a sneak preview of an item from a future TX Factor episode. There was also a chance to quiz Nick on the progress of the TX Factor project which was launched earlier this year.


Nick also brought along some of the equipment he uses on a typical BBC shoot and members had a chance to hear about the techniques used in gathering, mixing and recording sound via wired and radio microphones.


August 2014

Graham Kimbell G3TCT will be giving a presentation with commentary by Chris Duckling G3SVL entitled '100 Years of the RSGB and its International Partners'. It was presented at Friedrichshafen in June 2013. This will be followed by a brief talk on Graham's trip to Friedrichshafen this year.


May 2014

Club member David Edwards G8BFV gave a talk on Life before the Personal Computer - a short history of digital computing and his involvement up to 1981. David covered his background in computing and amateur radio, computing basics, notable dates in digital computing history leading up to the IBM PC in 1981. David also detailed the computers he's worked on, software languages used and gave us some interesting anecdotes from along the way.


April 2014

Dave Boniface G3ZXX retured to update us on the trials and tribulations of the popular GB3JB repeater. He'll gave the latest update nf the GB3WX project, and some exciting and detailed news about GB7JB. Dave also covered the 4 dual repeater network and the DMR-Marc International Network


March 2014

A night at the movies with beer, snacks and some natter. Club member Nick Bennett 2E0FGQ gave an advance preview of episode 2 of TX Factor and talked about the project


February 2014

We welcomed Professor Chris Budd G4NBG who gave a talk on the history and modern practice of both code breaking and error correcting codes of which Morse is an early example


January 2014

We started the New Year with a return visit from Club member Ian Davies G3KZR who discussed simple antennas for limited spaces and budgets


December 2013

MidSARC welcomed Jan Verduyn G0BBL and Alan Rowe M0PUB from the Trowbridge Club who presenting a joint talk on the RTLSDR DTVB dongle. A fascinating insight into the progress made with these devices and the associated software now available


November 2013

Operations (M0MSA) and natter night


October 2013

Annual General Meeting


September 2013

Club Member Dave Edwards gave a talk on Garden Model Railways explaining the complexities (to us anyway!) of the different gauges and scales. He covered methods of propulsion, both with and without radio control. Dave also brought along his two live steam Lynton and Barnstaple Railway locos and some rolling stock and showed videos of them running at the Cheddar Steam Club track


August 2013

Club member Shaun Coles G0BKU explained the attraction of Working All Britain (WAB). It's a square world out there and we discovered that there's more to WAB than meets the eye!


July 2013

Confessions of a Soundman - Part 1. Club member Nick Bennett 2E0FGQ revealed details of a few embarrassing moments he'd experienced over the years as a teenager and later as broadcast engineer in local radio during the 1970s


June 2013

Natter night


May 2013

Club member Graham Kimbell G3TCT gave an overview of the UK Activity Contests followed by a look at logging software. Click here for a PDF of Graham's presentation


April 2013

Ian Greenshields G4FSU presened a most informative talk around the recently updated 5MHz allocation, from both an operational perspective, and behind-the-scenes


March 2013

Phil Whitchurch G3SWH, having just arrived back from a DXpedition to the Solomon Islands, found time to come to Shepton to talk to us about his 2011 trip to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Thanks to Phil for a fascinating insight into Dxpeditions of this type. We hope Phil will return to update us on some of his other recent trips


February 2013

This month saw a continuation of our Morse Code initiative with practice sessions, demonstrations and an in-depth look at CWSkimmer with Robin G3TKF


January 2013

Ian Davies G3KZR, Robin Thompson G3TKF and Graham Kimbell G3TCT presented an overview of Morse operating with an emphasis on training techniques, and approaches the Club could take to mentor and encourage members to improve their CW sending and receiving skills. More details will be found on the website in due course


December 2012

Christmas drinks at the Dusthole


November 2012

GeocacheMike Adams M0ALW returned to inform the Club members about the ever popular hobby of geocaching. Members were taken into the neighbouring churchyard with their GPS units and torches to track down the nearest cache to the Club QTH. The cache was unearthed by Will, son of Stephen M0SBY.




October 2012

Annual General Meeting


September 2012

Tong Griggs G4KMB gave a talk on his experiences as a radio officer in the 60s. Tony contrasted this with a film entitled No More Morse which showed how communications happen today with reference to a recent trip he made on the RMS St Helena to St Helena and Tristan da Cunha Islands


August 2012

No speaker. Chat and beer!


July 2012

Club member Ian Davies G3KZR returned to talk about the history of Morse Code, and why it's still important for radio amateurs to have a knowledge of Morse in today's digital era. Ian also took a look at WDMorse, a Windows application for training the newcomer to learn Morse code and to help brush up on one's speed


June 2012

Tim Walford G3PCJ of Walford Electronics presented a talk on his range of Somerset Kits for QRP operation. He also gave us a taster of what's in store at the forthcoming QRP in The Country event (see above)


May 2012

Natter night and on-air operations


April 2012

Steve Hartley G0FUW came up the road from Bath to talk about buildathons, QRP construction and training and a lot more besides! A fascinating and informative talk Steve. Thanks very much! Also, congratulations go to Steve on his recent appointment as Chair of the new RSGB Training and Education Committee


March 2012

Ian Davies G3KZR presented an excellent talk entitled What is DXing and Why Do It? Ian discussed the scope of DXing from the illustrious DXCC Honour Roll to setting personal challenges with limited resources, illustrated by his progress during 50+ years on the air on most bands from 160m to 23 cms using from 1 watt to a big linear and from zepps to beams


February 2012

Charlie Ollis, a former merchant navy radio officer made a very welcome return with part two of his memories of learning the ropes on various cargo ships and later as a radio operator at Portishead Radio GK


January 2012

Mike Adams M0ALW is employed by The Far East Broadcasting Company. Mike came to MidSARC to give an amazing talk on the use of FM Broadcast in disaster response where aid workers can fly into disaster zones and train teams to operate the equipment


December 2011

Eleven MidSARC Members met at the Dusthole Shepton Mallet for a pint and a chat about radio and the state of the world's economy. Brian G0FZI suggested we should have a meal next time. Well, the food did look and smell very good!


November 2011

MidSARC Member Roger Davis presented a talk entitled 60 Years in (and out) of Amateur Radio: from getting his licence in 1953 at school, early days with the Weston-super-Mare Club, life at No2 Radio School, RAF Yatesbury with V Bomber electronics, pioneering days in BBC TV engineering. He brought along some early amateur equipment including his first two valve (CO/PA) xtal controlled transmitter, a completely home-brewed computer from the 1970s and a few other historic bits and pieces. Fascinating talk. Thanks Roger!


October 2011

Annual General Meeting


September 2011

MidSARC member Graham Kimbell G3TCT returned to present a most interesting and informative talk on Radio Aurora Graham explained with the help of some recordings why signals coming via an aurora sound like they do


August 2011

Club QTHNo beer this month, just coffee and biscuits to celebrate our first OTA night! At long last, the antennae were slung and we managed to initiate the M0MSA callsign!


David G8BFV, Brian G0FZI and Jeff M6GLH made the first few contacts from the Peter Street Rooms QTH: two to Europe and two UK QSOs on 40 metres

July 2011

Beer and snacks were served to those who came along for a natter and to check out the bargains available from the table-top sale

June 2011

Geoff Plucknett G4FKA is passionate about IOTA (Islands on the Air). His talk was most interesting. He's off on an expedition in July so will be popping back later in the year to update us on IOTA happenings in 2011

May 2011

David Edwards G8BFV presented a fascinating talk on Microwave Homebrewing covering constructional techniques, kits and beacons for the microwave bands from 1.3GHz to 10GHz


April 2011

Bill BowditchBill Bowditch G4WSB presented a talk on a subject he has become passionate about: the joys of the Summits on The Air (SOTA) award scheme


Bill had come hot-foot from the slopes of G/SC-011 Hardown Hill so was able to bring his kit to demonstrate how an activation can be aided and abetted by the choice of equipment


Bill brought along his photo albums of trig points and summits he's operated from over the past year and a half in which he's written a description of each summit with useful tips for others about parking and access

March 2011

Club QTHDave Boniface G3ZXX presented an update on the progress of the unique 10 to 6 metre cross-band repeater GB3WX and the future of the 2 metre Wiltshire repeater GB3JB


Here's Dave in the Mendip room of our QTH extolling the virtues of cross-band operation

February 2011

Jeff Petch-Harrison M6GLH presented part two of freeware software for digital modes