Mid Somerset Amateur Radio Club

Our Future Meetings

Tuesday 28th August at 14.00 Social Meeting at The Quarter Jack, Wells.

Monday 10th September at 19.45 David G8BFV will give a talk on the HRO receiver.

Weekend of 22nd and 23rd September Railways On The Air at Cranmore Station, ESR.

Monday 8th October at 19.45 MidSARC AGM. Please read the current issue of QWN for important information on the Club’s future.

Previous Meetings and Events

August 2018 an enjoyable BBQ was held at the scout hall, partly outside and partly inside, mainly due to the cool but dry weather.

June 2018 We had a combined event with the Wells and Mendip Astronomers when Ben Sutlief a member of the WMA and a final-year student at Exeter University gave a talk on the student-built Exeter Radio Telescope at Caradon in Cornwall.

May 2018 We had a talk by Dave G3ZXX on the yagi antenna

Saturday 21st April at Wells Library. A special-event supported by the library staff celebrating International Marconi Day operating GB0NFF and providing displays and demonstrations of Morse and SDRs.

April 2018 Planning discussions for GB0NFF International Marconi Day and possible future /P operation in the summer.

March 2018 We held a natter night including a visit from Andy Jenner G7KNA the new deputy RSGB Regional Manager who discussed and advised the club on how we can improve our training support. Other topics included RSGB support for special events, available posters and videos. All agreed that the visit was well supported by the ten members attending and a lively but productive discussion was had.

February 2018 Dave G3ZXX gave a talk on the dipole antenna and explained why it’s not always the best option.

January 2018 We had a Winter Projects evening with discussions on radio and non-radio related projects.

Also on Monday 29th January the first social meeting was held at the Quarter Jack pub in Wells. Seven members attended and we had a very enjoyable natter. Topics included the possibility of /P operation in the summer and participation in special events for 2018.

December 2017 We had a natter night and enjoyed soup, chicken and chips, mince pies and mulled wine and an item from the latest TX Factor show on the newly reformed radio club and shack at BBC Broadcasting House with callsign G8BBC.

November 2017 Graham G3TCT gave a short talk on his visit to the RSGB Convention, the second talk that evening was by David G8BFV on the 40th Anniversary of the Voyager Spacecraft.

IMD at Wells Library