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Diary Dates

Future events - the next few months . . .


Monday 10th July

The 2nd meeting of the Mid-Somerset Amateur Radio Club at its new venue the 1st Shepton Scout Hall in Old Wells Road Shepton Mallet next to the football ground at 19.35. A temporary antenna erected and a test made to assess the radio reception conditions of the venue. All welcome. Don't arrive before 19.30 as there's another group using the hall until then. Also, if the access road gates are shut, please wait for a member of the committee to arrive to open them


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Club Net

There are two club nets both currently in a trial process


There was insufficient uptake for the 80 metre net so this has been abandoned at least for the time being. The 2 metre net has gradually lost participants, but it's hoped that it will become a more regular and better supported event as it's seen as a way interested individuals can talk to other amateurs to introduce them to the club and keep them updated on the club's activities without necessarily becoming full members and/or attending club meetings


2 metres

Monday evenings

Start at 20.00 local time

VHF FM on 145.400 (V32) +/- QRM

First person on air will initiate calls and act as control for the duration of the net




Listen out for initial CQ call from net control. After a short pause to prevent doubling respond with your call sign. Control will log everyone in, give any instructions and invite individual stations in order to pass their message. After each message pass the mic back to control who will pass on to the next station on the list.


Observing this simple protocol will ensure everyone has a turn and no-one is left frustrated on the side. If any net members wish to have an aside, then QSY and return to the net when you're finished.


When the mic is passed to you, pause before transmitting to enable break stations to call into the net. If there is a call, acknowledge them and make sure control is aware of them. Control will then log in the newcomer and pass the mic back to you to continue your message.


That's it! Any more thoughts and ideas gratefully received.