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Diary Dates

Future events - the next few months . . .


Monday 12th June

Our first meeting at the new Club venue: The Scout Hall, Old Wells Road, Shepton Mallet BA4 5XN at 19.30. General natter and introductioin to the new meeting space!


Click here to see the year ahead in more detail



A page of links and descriptions to useful AR related software



Club member John Witchell G4OTJ has produced a useful PC software program called Text2CW. It takes a plain text file and converts it to CW in .wav format. Most portable players will play .wav but mp3 converters are available. It allows you to set a few parameters before you run the conversion.


Contest Log

John has also produced a Contest Log just for the RSGB 80m SSB contest. It lets you enter the callsign and serial number. It records the time/date and frequency via a simple CAT interface (not many rigs supported yet but more to be added) and gives you a serial number to return. It saves the file in ADIF and Cabrillo format so you can import it into your station log and upload it direct to the RSGB log robot.


Contest Log will check your frequency to ensure you're in the correct part of the band and it also checks for duplicate entries. It allows you to enter your QRZ.com account details and does an automatic lookup of the name when you enter the callsign; not needed for the contest but a neat feature! Contact John via the Club email address if you would like a CAT interface added for your rig.